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The first story shows an uninterrupted, ideal production line from the planting of the tree to a happy consumer. The second and third story lines show a production line interrupted by crime. Regardless, all stories end with a happy and oblivious costumer.

The most important sticker is that of the gunman. This sticker was design to intrude into all other stickers with the gun. This sticker was created to be used as a joker throughout the story to show the uncertainty and the constant fear producers live in order for us to have avocados.

Green Gold is a series of collectible fruit stickers that have the purpose of exposing the dark side of the avocado industry. This system was created as a way to intersect the supply chain with visual cues of the issues and re-establishing the function of the fruit sticker as the link between producer and consumer.

Mostly grown in Michoacan, Mexico, avocados bloom under the shadow of cartel activity and abuse. The stickers were intended to be placed on avocados at grocery stores and seek to tell at least three versions of the way the production line functions.  

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