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Google Cardboard Chicago 00


Google Cardboard Chicago00

Packaging for Chicago 00's collaboration with the Chicago History Museum to put together a VR experience using archival images of the Columbian Exposition in 1893.

One of the main concerns was the fact that for most users this would be the first time assembling and using a VR set. The design had to empathize with a completely new user and make it easy and fun for them to figure out the goggles. As a way to solve this, I made illustrations to be placed on the box/sleeve and on the back of the Google cardboard. These illustrations give a friendly visual hint to the user, suggesting the use of the product inside and containing information about the  images they will view. 

Since Chicago 00 has various VR libraries pertaining different historical events, I designed this packaging to be able to be applied across all of these. The illustration style hints to the past while the overall look is modern and sleek. It was designed to be retro and futuristic all at once. 

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