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Book about Ecuador's local chocolate production.

The book is formatted as an uninterrupted timeline that explains the process from the cocoa plantations to the finalized products. The accordion binding alludes to the continuous production line and physical movement of the cacao through its metamorphosis from raw material to product. 

The materials used to make the book were chosen to create the artisanal atmosphere that surrounds the local chocolate production in Ecuador. The paper used to print was French Paper Speckletone Oatmeal #Text, which gives off a darker canvas that matches the color of the burlap that was used to bind the book. Furthermore, the book title and the cover decorations were printed on the burlap by hand in order to mimic the shipping materials and feel that 

For this project I wanted to create as many of the components by hand as possible. I wanted to do this in order to control the feeling each element was contributing to the piece.

Due to the fact that the production of chocolate is so local and artisanal, I wanted the illustrations to honor the process and relate to each other seamlessly in order for the accordion layout to work in unison. 

Having been born in Ecuador I wanted this book to not only highlight this part of our economic chain, but also to highlight the beauty of our land and our people.

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